Willie the Wheelchair

Here it is… My first children’s book. Thank you for all the support (physically, emotionally and financially) that went into making this a reyality and a reality.

“This beautifully illustrated book introduces readers to Willie and his new family; the Everest’s, who adopted Willie. However, Willie doesn’t feel he fits-in and frankly has trouble adjusting to his new surroundings. Willie later learns that he has a very special purpose and this discovery leads him to realize how it was his own thinking that brought about feelings of isolation.” Wiggles Room Blog

Willie the Wheelchair

Release Date: April 2, 2012
SKU: RB001

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A New Mourning

Early morning August 12, 2002

We lost the Remon we once knew

I’ve had 4 years to examine the damage

To the point of now accepting this challenge

So since I can’t change what happened in 2002

And I need y’all to accept these new challenges too

I Am Not My Wheelchair

What do you see when you stare at a wheelchair?
A physical prison nobody wants to live in
It isn’t fair that some people try to compare
When we all have a different life challenge to bear
Besides the truth is a lot of people use this
As a form of transportation to go, it may be someone you know
Your friend, your spouse, your father, your mother
A coworker, classmate, sister or brother
No matter the relation people always rediscover
How you still shouldn’t ever judge a book by its cover
And when you read through my pages
You’ll realize that for me a cage is
Not what you see, but what you allow it to be