Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day… I’ll be doing some motivational speaking at First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Canton this morning at 9:30 AM with my daughter alongside me… A happy Father’s Day indeed.

Worship service, starting at 9:30, with featured guest Remon Jourdan   Remon is a musician, poet, DJ, father and motivational artist. His mission is to inspire others to “keep moving” in the face of adversity. His children’s book “Willie the Wheelchair” was published last month (copies will be available for purchase). Remon currently serves as a board member and spokesperson for Easter Seals Massachusetts and was recently recipient of the Boston Celtics “Hero Among Us” award. More information about Remon can be found on his website: www.reyality.com

Location: First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Canton, 1508 Washington St., Canton MA, next to Canton Police Headquarters.


Happy Birthday

THANKS for all your birthday wishes!

Birthday 2012

Happy Birthday to me…

Great friends and family…

Making wishes for the future…

Turning dreams into Reyality…

Boston Celtics’ “Hero Among Us” Award Night

Last night was incredible… I’m still buzzing from all the excitement. Thank you to everyone involved and all my supporters for making this a moment that I will cherish forever.


Award Night


 From left to right: Massachusetts State Lottery Executive Director Paul Sternburg, Celtics’ guards Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley, and Atlanta Hawks’ guard Joe Johnson.

Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics - Game Three


Boston Celtics’ “Hero Among Us” Honoree

I have just received confirmation that on Friday, May 4, I will be awarded the Boston Celtics’ “Hero Among Us” Award which honors individuals making an overwhelming impact on the lives of others. Following in the beautiful footsteps of friends like Nashira and Colleen. I just wanted to thank you all for the constant support and inspiration that fuels me to keep trying to make a difference.

FEATURING: George Washington Toma

I’d like to send a very SPECIAL THANKS to George, Jerry and all the wonderful people at the George Washington Toma, in Weymouth MA, for their charitable contribution. With the HDTV and the assistance of Easter Seals, I am now able to independently control all of my viewing enjoyment.

Remembering Joey Cee

Remembering Joey Cee

Somethings in life are seen as black-and-white
You either shut up or get ready to put up a fight
But you and I found ways to take another route
Using basketball to see what life was all about
Like when you’re on defense and life gets hard
You need to stay on point and keep your guard
You didn ‘t foul and kept your feet on the ground
When you had a good shot you’d knock it down
I reminisce over the days when we just had fun
And when we meet again we’ll play a game of 21
You’re spirit lives on because in my heart you left a mark
Back when we became brothers playing ball at Dana Park