SCI Guide

“I am proud to be part of the Review Team that helped put together the SCI Guide to assist in identifying useful websites for people living with Spinal Cord Injury.”

About the SCI Guide
Taken from the SCI Guide website

If you type “Spinal Cord Injury” into a search engine, you will get over 900,000 web pages about spinal cord injury! How do you search through all of this and find valid sources that give you what you need when you need it — without tearing your hair out?!?!

We created The SCI Guide because nothing out there gives the SCI community a place to go to get trusted, peer-reviewed info, and to decide for yourselves which sites are the best. The SCI Guide brings together the best websites on SCI chosen by you for you, and it’s easy to use. Nothing can take the place of the experiences of other people with SCI.

To start things out right, The New England Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center (NERSCIC) at Boston Medical Center assembled a team of people with SCI to review and rate websites, based on things like quality of information and user-friendliness. We picked people with all different ages, race/ethnicities, gender, experience, and level of injury for the review team. Click here to meet the team!

I Am Not My Wheelchair

What do you see when you stare at a wheelchair?
A physical prison nobody wants to live in
It isn’t fair that some people try to compare
When we all have a different life challenge to bear
Besides the truth is a lot of people use this
As a form of transportation to go, it may be someone you know
Your friend, your spouse, your father, your mother
A coworker, classmate, sister or brother
No matter the relation people always rediscover
How you still shouldn’t ever judge a book by its cover
And when you read through my pages
You’ll realize that for me a cage is
Not what you see, but what you allow it to be

Who’s Really Blind?

I’m not black, white, Latino, Native, Asian or Other
I’m the unique combination of my father and Mother
Too original to be placed in subliminal
Categories trying to label me as the criminal
You’ve heard his-story but you too can be a writer
When you look inside of yourself to see the wealth
And that’s priceless, not who’s wearing the nicest…
But who bears the living truth to get through any crisis
I’m trying to raise the lifeless to respect all creation
And give equal representation in this re-birth of a nation
Communication and Education are the keys to opportunity
A king when I have a dream, yet I wake up screaming give me free
I see the throat shackles replaced with blue collars
Inflation got homeless Joe raising his asking price to 2 dollars
Make’s me wanna holler with all these thoughts in my mind
I sit and listen to a Stevie song and Wonder who’s really blind?


You say Black

Mixed in White

I see Brown

Filled with Red

Never Yellow

When in Grey

Sometimes Blue

Need more Green

Poetry is my Purple

Flipping EVIL to LIVE

I know this kid that used to shoot
because he was afraid of getting shot
now he only shoots at basketball hoops
and coaches kids to develop their shots

I know this other kid that used to
sell her body to get high off crack
now she tells her story to save kids’ lives
and gets a greater high from giving back

I know a group of kids who would steal
because they felt the world had owed’em
now they help kids secure their futures
so that their dreams cannot be stolen

All these kids gained self-worth
by realizing how much they had to give
now they see the endless possibilities
when you flip every EVIL
and begin to LIVE


Bless, the porcelain structure
For which we so’er give thanks
Cause when we are at hurry
It greets with fost’ring spanks

Ending our time of struggle
While providing for its bowl
Hence with one gulp will swallow
Not bit by bit, butt whole

What I worship most of all
Is the time it holds to think
And see our similarities
Until that ending plink

At peace upon our thrones
When all is at a hush
Clearing ourselves of every foul
With one conclusive flush

Sistahs ICU [I See You]

Sistahs, I see you. No need for your clothes to be see-through
Its too easy to expose and much harder to be true
No one can complete you, unless you’re loving yourself
Because your soul is worth more than your physical wealth
Your mental health is important too, like who’s supporting you
When the whole world’s making money off exploiting you
Your whole point of view is often placed in a false category
And then displaced whenever faced with his-story
It ain’t a mystery to find all the causes of your drama
If you want the real deal than have a talk with your mama
I can see that you’re phenomenal in the way you still rise
And realize that you’re a prize without seeing your thighs
I see the ones who try to disrespect you and neglect you
And you stay just waiting for the day when they will sweat you
But the ones who want to treat you good, you don’t want at all
Sistahs, you trippin’ and I hope these words are breaking your fall