Rolling with Willie

WILLIE_sticker_rollingI’ve teamed up with to launch the ‘Rolling with Willie’ campaign and help support Willie’s mission on promoting disability advocacy and awareness for all abilities.

A portion of the money raised will go towards funding the sequel to Willie’s story of new adventures and experiences.

Your donation will also allow us to continue our tradition of donating a portion of the books to libraries, day cares, and some lucky children chosen at random throughout our travels to different events.

You can contribute by clicking the following link:


Willie the Wheelchair

Here it is… My first children’s book. Thank you for all the support (physically, emotionally and financially) that went into making this a reyality and a reality.

“This beautifully illustrated book introduces readers to Willie and his new family; the Everest’s, who adopted Willie. However, Willie doesn’t feel he fits-in and frankly has trouble adjusting to his new surroundings. Willie later learns that he has a very special purpose and this discovery leads him to realize how it was his own thinking that brought about feelings of isolation.” Wiggles Room Blog

Willie the Wheelchair

Release Date: April 2, 2012
SKU: RB001

$8.98 + Tax




Dear Family and Friends,

Join me in making a pledge towards our campaign to raise money for Easter Seals. I have recently been appointed on the Easter Seals of Massachusetts Regional Board. As a recipient of the services provided by Easter Seals, I can speak from my personal experience about how my family and I have benefited from all their resources.

The caring and knowledgeable people in their Assistive Technology Department made it possible for me to have an accessible computer, as well as a voice-activated remote unit that controls the devices I use in my room: making it possible for me to do things I once took for granted like changing the channel on my TV or making a phone call.

Through advocating and educating, Easter Seals is giving children and adults with disabilities the tools they need to meet the challenges of simply trying to live, learn, work and play. I know things are difficult for us all economically so I’m setting my goal at $500 although I hope we raise more. You can join my campaign and help Easter Seals financially ‘Keep It Moving!’ by clicking the following link to our page: REYALITY.COM EASTER SEALS CAMPAIGN

Thank you.
Remon Jourdan

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DoReMi [Back into Time Mixtape Vol.1]

Ladies and Gentlemen.  Are you ready for some stupid fresh and dope 90s Hip-Hop references? I know, neither am I, but my boy Lester requested it, so put on your Carhart, your Timberland boots, your Nike backpack, your Walkman, put your pager on vibrate and here we go:

Children’s Book Self-Publishing Fund

Children’s Book Self-Publishing Fund

I’ve recently finished writing three children’s picture books exploring disability and I’m in search of funders to help with self-publishing. Through stories like, “Rissa and SuperDad” which describes a paralyzed father’s abilities in the eyes of his seven-year-old daughter, “Willie the Wheelchair” that tells the story of a wheelchair trying to find his own identity in the world of chairs, and “Hop Hope Hop” following a young bunny’s appreciation for being able to hop around and her acknowledgment of those who can’t, I hope to spread the knowledge of living with a disability through the next generation… our kids. In terms of funding for self-publishing, I would be willing to accept anything from loans or investments to donations in order to get this project completed, but more importantly, have it done well. Therefore, if you’re able to contribute in any way or need more information about this project, feel free to contact me or you can donate now by simply clicking the button below.

Thanks for all your support.

Donations by mail to:
Remon Jourdan
“Reyality Books”
26 Niles Rd
Randolph, MA 02368