R.I.P. Uncle Guy (Ghee)

Usually I’m thrilled to create phrases that rhyme

But I was filled with sadness from writing this time

And as I started to look back on every fond memory

I realized how blessed I was to have an uncle like Guy

I will cherish every visit and every conversation we had

How he always made sure I stayed connected to my dad

I’ll remember how he always spoke of his children with pride

I’ll remember his great smile and the occasional free cab ride

But the greatest gift I’ve received from my uncle Guy

Is always showing me the importance of family

And although you’ve moved on from us physically

You will live forever in my heart and memory

One Reply to “R.I.P. Uncle Guy (Ghee)”

  1. Jourdan, Antoine P. “Guy” of Brookline, May 27, formerly of Vieux-Bourg d’Aquin, Haiti. Beloved father of Stan Jourdan, Nadgie Jourdan Moten and her husband Lewis Moten Jr. Grandfather of Lewis Moten III.

    Brother of Raymond, Marie Yolande Jourdan, Fernande Apollon and Edith Jourdan Anglade. Proud uncle to Yves-Mary Anglade and family, Angèle Nicolas and family, Marjorie Parent and family, Farah Apollon, Joanne Jourdan, Merry Apollon and family, Myriam Jourdan, Jude Anglade and family, Johnny Apollon, Steeve Apollon, Remon Jourdan and family, Mondy Apollon Fils and Clifford Jourdan.

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