Remembering Joey Cee

Remembering Joey Cee

Somethings in life are seen as black-and-white
You either shut up or get ready to put up a fight
But you and I found ways to take another route
Using basketball to see what life was all about
Like when you’re on defense and life gets hard
You need to stay on point and keep your guard
You didn ‘t foul and kept your feet on the ground
When you had a good shot you’d knock it down
I reminisce over the days when we just had fun
And when we meet again we’ll play a game of 21
You’re spirit lives on because in my heart you left a mark
Back when we became brothers playing ball at Dana Park

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  1. That’s a really touching poem!!! Joe was a man with a good heart….I didnt see him much but he was one of those old friends I always thought about and I still think about. My high school Friend GO BEARS. Coach says ” HEY Joey way to work buts that the slowest Touchdown run I every saw” Goodtimes thats one of those days I will never forget our team was like 1 and 10 buts it felt great becoming brothers I miss you SUN cuz you did shine like ONE

    Your Friend
    DAve “DJ”

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