A New Mourning

Early morning August 12, 2002

We lost the Remon we once knew

I’ve had 4 years to examine the damage

To the point of now accepting this challenge

So since I can’t change what happened in 2002

And I need y’all to accept these new challenges too

One Reply to “A New Mourning”

  1. With the exception of several deaths in the family during my childhood, in the past I’ve never really had to emotionally deal with something tragic happening to someone I care about, so I can’t say what I would do if I were in any of your positions. Yet after getting to this point of accepting my new challenges, I’m ready to tell you that I’m okay, and I need you to try to be okay also. In other words, let go of some of the fear that prevents you from approaching me, or even talking to me and accept the new me. Trust me when I tell you that the new Remon is still sarcastic, funny, charming, smart, brave, arrogant, confident, friendly, passionate, adventurous, modest… Well, you get the picture!

    Holla at me!!!

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