Who’s Really Blind?

I’m not black, white, Latino, Native, Asian or Other
I’m the unique combination of my father and Mother
Too original to be placed in subliminal
Categories trying to label me as the criminal
You’ve heard his-story but you too can be a writer
When you look inside of yourself to see the wealth
And that’s priceless, not who’s wearing the nicest…
But who bears the living truth to get through any crisis
I’m trying to raise the lifeless to respect all creation
And give equal representation in this re-birth of a nation
Communication and Education are the keys to opportunity
A king when I have a dream, yet I wake up screaming give me free
I see the throat shackles replaced with blue collars
Inflation got homeless Joe raising his asking price to 2 dollars
Make’s me wanna holler with all these thoughts in my mind
I sit and listen to a Stevie song and Wonder who’s really blind?

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