I’m sorry but the love you’re trying to reach
has been disconnected
the value of life has been constantly disrespected
we’ve neglected to realize that we are all victims
of the evil thoughts that walk the earth
while our minds sit numb
some become stressed, while the rest search for rest
neither asking the question that unites the two to the quest
what are we together going to do, cause life’s problems
can’t end through only me or only you
we must combine the efforts and combat
evil’s finest tool: to separate
arrange our connection so that we can clearly
communicate, you can’t abominate hate
it too can recreate, but we can use each other as means to educate
and to educate simply means to give instruction exposing
your mentality and morality to reconstruction
we can also educate by doing nothing, giving others the
impression that there’s nothing to be done since
we are all created equal under the sun
so why should I feel shame or be the one to
blame, when one of my good friends is, now fill in the token name
so what’s your aim, to make friends or to make the
world a safer place free from the discrimination
of gender, religion, sex or race
look at your own face and find your place in the puzzle
stop wearing that visual muzzle that tells your vision
what to expect from the collision of diverse decisions
in other words don’t allow your thoughts to be boxed
like the one that talks, you can search for truth and read
but that will only suffice half the deed
you need to apply these thoughts to your daily
routine to see a change occur throughout the whole scene
we often times come together and then
attempt to relate connecting for a common goal
leaving the body and finding the soul
yet to find a means to justify the end
take control of your thoughts and the message you send
check yourself, realize your own hang ups
and try your call again.

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