A Friendly Game Of Spades

I sat down with a partner to start a new hand in the game
I didn’t know the full picture but I thought we held the same frame
It all started at the club where this nicely suited queen walked by
We had some eye contact and we both bid each other “hi”
Some new jacks were flashing diamonds but their game wasn’t stable
She got rid of the jokers and it was time to put my cards on the table
So I lead with a strong heart and thought a king could win the book
But then she brought out her Ace and played without a second look
How could she cut me, when I threw I thought she knew my intent
I guess I read the wrong signals from the message she sent
I thought the cards were in my favor so I wasn’t initially afraid
But this time it seemed that one spade had yet to be played
Everyone around could see that we had lost our connection
We were about to take flight but she reneged on the direction
So now I’ll just have to deal but next time I’ll proceed with caution
You better learn to book your reservations before you try to get to Boston


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