Sistahs ICU [I See You]

Sistahs, I see you. No need for your clothes to be see-through
Its too easy to expose and much harder to be true
No one can complete you, unless you’re loving yourself
Because your soul is worth more than your physical wealth
Your mental health is important too, like who’s supporting you
When the whole world’s making money off exploiting you
Your whole point of view is often placed in a false category
And then displaced whenever faced with his-story
It ain’t a mystery to find all the causes of your drama
If you want the real deal than have a talk with your mama
I can see that you’re phenomenal in the way you still rise
And realize that you’re a prize without seeing your thighs
I see the ones who try to disrespect you and neglect you
And you stay just waiting for the day when they will sweat you
But the ones who want to treat you good, you don’t want at all
Sistahs, you trippin’ and I hope these words are breaking your fall

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