I Lost My Groove in 98’

With time comes knowledge, at least that’s what we hope
But there are times when people do not consider the whole scope
If it’s only a joke, why isn’t everyone laughing?
What morals separate our living from our acting?
And the Emmy goes!
Not to only those
Who have sold their souls
For personal goals
Touchdown! But what is the score?
Nothing to nothing
Then, what is it for?
A little comedy while you and your girl relate
When are you aware that words are used to educate
And you have taught me that I’m still not safe, even within my own race
Cause if I turn my back I can get attacked by my own face
Or even in my own Native place
And History shows that in order to erase an entire population
We must destroy the base or foundation:
Well, then how about the first Black Nation?
With some good old “high caliber” propaganda
Mixed with a little new “hollow point” slander
Although, you should have checked if it was loaded before you fire the gun
I cannot place the full blame on only one
Because it takes a nation, and the fight has not Just begun
It is Just, that I believed between some of us, it was done
But it was done, and tell me, what did it prove?
It the statement had been omitted, would Stella have NOT gotten her groove?
This UN-calculated move has lessened the spirits of my people,
Affected deeply by the situation
But it will never lessen the fact that even as an American
I’m proud to be Haitian!

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